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Decorative LIghting Installs

commercial Fairy Light installations

Permanent Decorative Lighting Installations Sydney

At the Fairy LIght Effect we design and install permanent decorative lighting solutions

All our permanent decorative lighting installations are installed using only Commercial Grade materials that have been tested for UV resistance and Waterproof. All our stock has a waterproof rating of IP65 or above

Permanent Fairy LIght Tree Installs

Fairy Lights

Permanent Installs

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Permanent Fairy Light Installation

Festoon Lights

Permanent Installs

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Festoon Light Installation

Decorative Lighting Shop

Purchase Commercial Grade Decorative Lighting Solutions for Self Installations – Fairy Lights and Festoon Lighting

Commercial Grade Installation

The fairy light effect offers a complete installation service. We only use commercial grade decorative lighting solutions with IP65 rating or higher installed by our experienced team of riggers and electrical engineers


We offer complimentary follow up servicing to ensure your permanent decorative lighting install always looks its best every year